Selwyn attended an advanced training conference focusing on the Intuit products this last week and had the opportunity to network with some of the top Intuit professionals in the country.  The conference focused on solutions for the mid-market but there was also extensive material and training sessions on advanced QuickBooks workarounds and troubleshooting.  Here are a few of the topics discussed:
  • Top 10 QuickBooks Tricks and Workarounds
  • Locating and Correcting QuickBooks file setup errors
  • Inventory Workarounds and Troubleshooting
  • Payroll Workarounds and Troubleshooting
  • Shrinking Larger QuickBooks Data Files
  • Advanced Job Costing Techniques
  • Project Management with Integrated QuickBooks Solutions
  • Using QuickBooks Reports as Actionable Management Data
  • ODBC (Creating highly customized reports)
We also had the opportunity to climb stone mountain in Atlanta and go down the gondola.  After the hike, we had dinner with some top Intuit executives and picked their brains about the QuickBooks products and received plenty of insight into some upcoming offerings.  There was also was an incredible laser show after the dinner.  Pictures to follow shortly.