This article is part two of a series of articles detailing the features of the various QuickBooks editions.  This article will focus on the features of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and will show how its features compare to QuickBooks Premier.  See part one of this series of articles for a detail of the features of QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks Simple Start.  Also, look out for part three which will focus on the entire Intuit Enterprise Suite including Sales Management ES, Warehouse Management ES, Field Service Management ES, and Business Analysis ES.  Part four will focus on the Online version of QuickBooks.
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is now part of the Intuit Enterprise Suite and offers the most features of the QuickBooks line of products.  It is focused squarely at companies in the low to mid-market with revenues greater than $1 million.  Like QuickBooks Premier, it also comes in the same six flavors:
  • Contractor Edition - for building contractors or construction companies
  • Retail Edition - for companies in the retail industry
  • Non-Profit Edition - for not-for-profit organizations
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition - for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturing companies
  • Professional Service Edition - for legal firms, designers, architects, etc. in the service industry
  • Accountant Edition - for accounting and CPA firms (only available in a one-user license)
Your local Intuit Solution Provider (ISP) is often the best place to obtain QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions since they can provide expert setup and implementation services as well as can provide training to get employees up and running on the new system.  ISPs also frequently run special promotional offerings, which provide a better overall value on the product than purchasing from the alternatives.  Contact us for our current promotional offerings. Suggested retail pricing for the product is as follows:
  • $3,000 for the 5-user pack
  • $5,000 for the 10-user pack
  • $7,000 for the 15-user pack
  • $9,000 for the 20-user pack
  • $11,000 for the 25-user pack
  • $13,000 for the 30-user pack
The product is designed for larger companies with higher revenues which have more users accessing the system and entering many more transactions.  It is also designed for companies with more complex needs in one business area such as those with greater customer relationship management (CRM) needs, inventory needs, field service management needs, or more complex reporting needs.  It includes all of the features of QuickBooks premier, and then adds the following:
  • Much more granular user permissions - the user permissions are now based at the transactional level rather than giving broad access areas.  ex. A specific user can be given access to enter and print invoices, but not to modify them or delete them.
  • More robust database - the database is built to handle more transactions and list items and consequently, reports run faster and data files can be larger without sacrificing performance.
  • The ability to consolidate financial statement reports from multiple QuickBooks company files.
  • Increased simultaneous users up to 30.
  • Lists such as the customer list, vendor list and item list can be much larger since they don't have a set cap on the number of list items as Premier does.  Intuit tested the list capabilities up to 100,000 list items, however there is no actual limit.
  • More tasks can be performed in multi-user mode without switching to single-user mode.  These tasks include inventory adjustments and deleting list items.
The product also adds a suite of products including: (additional fees apply)
  • Sales Management ES - a customer relationship management tool to track more information about the company's prospects/leads, opportunities, company contacts, etc. and offers checklists, workflows, etc. to help with servicing and following up on customers.
  • Warehouse Management ES - an inventory solution that extends the inventory functionalities of the product to allow multiple warehouses, lot #'s, serial tracking, and other more robust inventory features. (For even more robust inventory functionality than Warehouse Management ES, we support and recommend Fishbowl Inventory)
  • Field Service Management ES - a field service tool to manage field workers such as plumbers, HVAC repair workers, etc.  The tool allows for more robust scheduling, on the fly invoicing and payment from the customer's location, and a myriad of additional features.
  • Business Analysis ES - an advanced reporting tool that gives greater insight into the company's business and allows for customized reporting capabilities.
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions provides a package of features that are very robust at a very reasonable price point.  The features the product offers are very comparable to other mid-market accounting software packages but in many areas, the product offers more features, in a simpler interface, with less IT and systems maintenance requirements. Please stay tuned for a followup to this article that will focus on the Intuit Enterprise Suite including Sales Management ES, Warehouse Management ES, Field Service Management ES, and Business Analysis ES.  Also stay tuned for another future article detailing the features of QuickBooks Online edition. Bookmark and Share