This article is part three in a series of articles detailing and comparing the features of the Intuit QuickBooks line of products.  Part one, focused on the features of QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks Premier while part two focused on the features of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.  This article focuses on the add-on suite of products available to users of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions known as Intuit Enterprise Suite and includes Sales Management ES, Field Service Management ES, Warehouse Management ES, and Business Analysis ES.  Look for part four of the series focusing on the online edition of QuickBooks.
Intuit Enterprise Suite
The Intuit Enterprise Suite includes add-on modules which integrate seamlessly with Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.  The add-on modules are primarily web-based but in some cases do have desktop installations that syncronize with the online component.  These add-on modules are designed to target companies in the mid-market with revenues greater than $1 million and with specialized inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), field service management, or more involved management reporting requirements.
Intuit Sales Management ES
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions includes the ability to track contact information for customers such as name address, phone, shipping address, emails, etc. and even has a place where you can put notes on the customer but if you'd like to manage more complex customer information by keeping track of multiple company contacts, tracking activities such as phone calls, emails, work performed, etc., you'll need to look at Sales Management ES.  The current version is the first version of the product and was entirely developed by Intuit however earlier this year, Intuit aquired a company called Entellium who had developed a fully featured CRM package and had received several awards for the software.  The aquisition will bring a much more robust product and will greatly upgrade the current feature-set of the product.  I have taken a look at the beta of the upcoming release and am impressed with the way Intuit has adapted the old Entellium product to produce a product that will provide automated sales process management, automated customer and project tracking, and provides a central place to house all communications with potential and existing clients, vendors, etc.  In addition, it is customizable and integrates directly with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Microsoft Outlook.  Some of the features that the product adds to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are:
  • Identify and manage specific sales opportunities, their stage in the sales process, size ($) of the opportunity, anticipated close date, and confidence level in closing the sale.
  • Document sales and customer activities such as tasks, meetings, phone calls, emails, notes, etc.
  • Provides a dashboard to centralize the most important tasks and keep up on upcoming events.
  • Link multiple contacts to a company record as well as link opportunities to contacts or companies
  • Syncronize the information with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Microsoft Outlook
  • Allows sales managers to assign leads to sales reps, provides a separate manager dashboard and separate manager reports.
There is little that I can say about the upcoming release since it is still in beta, but suffice it to say that this next release will include significant upgrades to the product and allow a full CRM feature set.  In the meanwhile, Sales Management ES can help with basic CRM functions such as contact management, tracking of activity notes, etc.
Intuit Warehouse Management ES
Again, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions does have some advanced inventory tracking capabilities, however if you'd like to track multiple locations or multiple warehouses, track serial number or lot numbers, provide enhanced bar code functions, track inventory cost on the FIFO or LIFO methods, or have other complex inventory needs, you'll need to look at Warehouse Management ES.  The product adds the following features to Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions:
  • Provides multi-location and multi-warehouse inventory tracking
  • Allows a sales order to span multiple warehouses
  • Tracks inventory on the FIFO, LIFO, or Average Cost basis
  • Provides enhanced barcode functions
  • Allows access to the system from mobile devices
  • Serial and lot number tracking
  • Recall tracking for products that are recalled back the the warehouse after sale
  • Better customer and vendor returns tracking
For slightly more complex inventory needs, Warehouse Management ES is a good fit for many companies, however if you have a very high sales volume or have extremely complex inventory tracking requirements, Fishbowl Inventory offers an even more robust feature set than Warehouse Management ES.  Look for another article detailing some of the advantages of going with Fishbowl Inventory.
Intuit Field Service Management ES
Field Service Management ES is a welcomed add-on to the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions product.  The product provides a great scheduling and service workers management solution and enables service companies to get paid for the services at the time of the service.  The product has a desktop component that dispatch workers utilize to schedule workers, view status of the job, view payment status, etc. but also has the ability to be accessed from mobile devices that the service workers carry.  The mobile devices are used to receive updates to their schedule, send updates back to the office, receive payments from customers, email customer receipts, and many other functions and can be GPS enabled to automate many of these functions.  The product adds the following capabilities to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions:
  • Provides a dashboard showing all service workers, where they are, the status of their jobs, etc.
  • Provides the ability to shuffle schedules quickly to meet customer requests for work
  • Allows service workers to view the service history on mobile devices before arriving at the customer
  • Wireless work order generation (without any paper)
  • With GPS capabilities enabled, the system can automatically update the status of the jobs as the service workers arrive or leave the job sites
  • Mobile access to the parts catalog and price list enabling the service worker to add the parts to the order at the job site
  • Enables mobile payments
  • Automates time sheet entries for workers
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
The product is a robust module to be used for companies with up to 40 service workers and dispatchers.
Intuit Business Analysis ES
Business Analysis ES adds customized reporting functionality to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and gives the business access to interactive dashboards that display which items are driving growth and profitability, and gives a critical view of the companies customers including showing which are best at paying their bills on time.  The report builder enables drag-and-drop capabilities to design and create reports. This product is also in its first release so more standard reports and more features will be added later but it initially does allow some enhanced reporting capabilities over and above the features of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions such as enhanced report customization capabilities, some useful standard reports, sales performance analysis features, etc.  As this product evolves, I'll write more about the enhanced features. Also, please stay tuned for a followup to this article that will focus on the QuickBooks Online Edition.