The Internet, and remote access technologies now allow us to access our QuickBooks data from anywhere we have an Internet connection.  There are essentially three mainstream methods of accomplishing this:
  1. Install a remote connectivity tool such as LogMeIn on the computer that you usually access QuickBooks on.  This tool will allow you to connect to your computer by logging into a website.  Shortly after connecting, you'd be able to view your computer's screen and control the mouse and keyboard.  Only one person can connect to the same computer at one time, so this method can be limiting if you need to give multiple people remote access.
  2. Install an configure a terminal server. A terminal server is a computer set aside to enable multiple remote connections at one time.  Multiple employees can connect to the terminal server at the same time and access QuickBooks data together.  This method is more technical and will require an IT professional, however this is the preferred method when you need to give many employees access to QuickBooks.
  3. Use a program such as Method Integration that extends the QuickBooks data fields to the web.  This approach involves installing a sync engine that syncronizes your QuickBooks data with information on the web.  The interface is drastically different and can be customized to fit your processes, but transactions such as invoices, bills, etc. can be entered on the web just as easily as entering them into QuickBooks.
Give us a call to discuss whether one of these remote access options is right for you.