QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) continues to be a great solution for a wide variety of retail businesses.  It enables companies to save time and money by offering a flexible solution with a broad feature set at a great price. With POS, companies are able to efficiently track their flow of inventory through the purchasing and sales process and are able to efficiently handle over the counter sales, as well as sales orders, work orders, layaways, and returns as needed.  When inventory gets low, POS can let you know what needs to be reordered, and can automatically enter purchase orders for popular items.  Track sales at the product level to determine what is selling and manage on hand quantities of items by ordering only what you need. Better meet the needs of your customers by running detailed reports on your customers and tracking their purchase history.  Once you are able to track your customer’s purchases, you can reward them with a personalized rewards program.  POS simplifies your life, makes your retail business efficient, and reduces errors with barcode scanners.  It also offers simple sales screens to ensure that sales are run through quickly. POS integrates with many third party applications and, of coarse integrates with QuickBooks financial software too by automatically entering bills for product purchased, and entering sales receipts and payment transactions for sales. Give us a call to see if QuickBooks Point of Sale is right for your retail business. Want to read more about QuickBoooks Point of Sale?  Click here to read our previous blog post detailing the new features of the latest version or click here for information on the updates and improvements made within release 5 of version 10.