There is an exciting new Method feature that will change the way you manage your contacts and leads!  With the web-to-lead form feature, you can post a form to your website and have the information pushed directly into Method, and synced with QuickBooks.  No more manual entry of information from the web!  We recently had a client utilize this exciting new feature as a way of registering their members for a class.  Their members now go to the Internet to register and the information is directly pushed into Method. What is a Web Form? A web form is a web page that collects information from your visitors.  It can be used to capture information about potential customers that visit your website, could be used as a registration form for classes or other events, or can be used in any situation where you need to get information from your customers.  Information forms, or checklists could be a good use of this feature too.  A standard Web-To-Lead form enters a potential customer as a lead in Method, creates an opportunity, and a follow up activity, so you don't have to copy and paste them into Method, or hire a programmer to design a form using the MethodAPI. Give us a call to see if the web-to-lead forms feature is right for you.