Method Integration is an exciting solution that can revolutionize many company's work-flows by making internal and customer facing processes more efficient.  Not only does Method seamlessly sync with QuickBooks in real-time, it can be customized to fit the specific needs of most companies using QuickBooks. Because of this customizability, there are literally endless possibilities with this solution.  We recently were able to customize Method for a printing company and it has not only made their business more efficient, it  has completely changed the way they do business within the company and with their clients. Prior to using Method, this printing company mostly relied on manual processes to produce paper work orders which traveled from department to department, through to shipping and then back to accounting for manual invoicing.  If at any point during this process, the customer called in for an update on to the order, the order would need to be searched for within many possible departments for an update. Method has changed the entire process from this mostly manual process, to a fully automated process that sends the customers email updates on their orders as it moves from department to department, through to shipping, and even takes care of invoicing the customer once the job is complete.  No more searching for the physical work order sheets to determine where an order is in the process.  They now just go to a dashboard of open orders and find the order, or search from within past orders.  When an order is received, a work order is created using Method. That work order is then electronically sent to the appropriate department and updated as it leaves each department. At any point during the process, any company employee is able to look up the work order and know instantly what its status is and where it is within the company. And it gets better...Method also allows the client to be emailed throughout the printing process so that client is able to know when his order has reached the division and when it is complete. Once the work order is complete the information from the work order is automatically sent to QuickBooks and an invoice is created. In the next phase, we'll build in the ability for customers to log in and enter order details in a customer portal, as well as view details about past and current orders. This is just one example of how Method can be customized for a particular company, so put on your thinking caps to figure out how Method can make your business more efficient.