Method Integration has just released two new exciting features that may just change the way you do business: NEW QUICKBOOKS SYNC ENGINE The new QuickBooks sync engine can now be set to sync open QuickBooks transactions with Method regardless of their transaction dates.   Previously, the sync engine would affect only transactions within the specified date range regardless of whether they were open or not.  Some examples of the transactions this will affect are:
  • Unpaid invoices.
  • Unpaid Statement Charges.
  • Credit memos and Payments that are not fully applied to invoices or fully refunded.
  • Sales orders that are not closed or fully invoiced.
  • Purchase orders that are not closed or fully received.
The sync engine has also been updated so that the transaction table's balance field now correctly reflects open balances and now also supports double clicking to open from the taskbar icon.  Previously, a right-click from the taskbar was needed to open the sync engine. URL SHORTENER The newly released URL shortener ( allows Method users to send URL's to employees or clients that takes them directly to a specified transaction or screen within the portal.  Gone are the days of sending clients links to portals, requiring them to login.  With this new feature the link you send your client takes them right to the page that you want them to see within the portal. How can this great feature be applied to your business?  There are a number of Method clients that would benefit from this feature including one of our clients that uses a work order system to notify customers of the progress of their orders.  With this feature, the customers would be directed straight to the work order page and wouldn't be required to re-login.  Other ways this feature could benefit your business are with customer payment reminders, invoice notifications, vendor payment notifications, CRM updates based on due dates, project related updates based on due dates or status, etc.  The possibilities are endless. Call us today to find out how these new features can help you in your business.