Small to medium sized business owners with more complex inventory management needs are often bogged down by their own company's processes and find it difficult to get the information needed to properly manage their businesses.  Fishbowl Inventory is a product that we support, that in many situations, will enable more efficiency in the organization, enable faster growth, and provides the tools necessary to more effectively manage your business.

Efficiency Fishbowl helps make your business more efficient by allowing you to keep track of multiple warehouses of inventory, and/or inventory within unlimited locations within one warehouse.  Imagine efficiently tracking on hand quantities while keeping track of inventory loss such as product expiration, breakages, etc.  Efficiently take periodic inventory counts with mobile barcode readers across all locations and take advantage of best in class integration with QuickBooks. Growth Fishbowl is designed to track hundreds of thousands of products if needed and can handle higher transaction volumes than QuickBooks alone.  It is also designed to handle unlimited warehouse locations and allows the movement of inventory between locations and is compatible with FedEx and UPS.  Get your business setup right early knowing that you'll be ready as transactional volumes increase. Fishbowl can be used in many types of businesses such as retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and eCommerce businesses and is much more affordable than you may think.  Call us to see if Fishbowl is right for your company.