As of March 1st 2011, the Intuit marketplace lists 47 time tracking packages available that integrate with QuickBooks, and this listing doesn't include various other packages listed in other categories that also provide time tracking functionality...  Which one is right for you?  The answer to this of coarse depends on your specific needs, but we've looked at a lot of these packages and feel that you should start your search by looking at the following packages that integrate well with QuickBooks, and provide advanced features:
  • Method Integration - because of Method's best in breed integration with QuickBooks and many other features, this is our top recommended system to help keep track of time and billing needs.  To start, this web based solution allows all QuickBooks fields and information such as customer details, vendor details, invoices, payments, deposits, bills, etc. to be viewed and updated via the web.  Then, they add robust customer management features and even enable customer, vendor, and employee portals.  Employees or vendors can log in via the web to a customized portal to enter time or expenses, update project information and much more.  In addition, this solution can be endlessly customized to meet specific needs.  If you track non-standard information in your company, just add those fields to the customer record and begin tracking the information within Method.  Pricing is very reasonable too starting at $25 per user per month.
  • Virtual Time and Expense - this is a web-based package that allows the tracking of employee time, expenses, and even includes simple project tracking features and enables the synchronization of time data to QuickBooks.  For those with more complex billing rate structures than QuickBooks will allow, the program also allows you to create invoices and export them to QuickBooks.  It also allows time and expenses to be approved my managers.
  • BigTime - this is also a powerful time and billing package that allows time and expenses to be tracked and reported on.  It integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly much like Virtual Time and Expense and allows for more complex billing rate structures, creating invoices, and allows for approval of time by managers.  It has a very robust feature set, but also comes at a higher price than many other systems.
  • BillQuick - This is a very robust time, billing and project management solution that is fairly flexible.  Reporting, approvals, billing and many other robust features are built out to offer a broad feature set.  However, this product also comes at a higher price point than Virtual Time and Expense or Method Integration.
  • QuickBooks Time Tracker - this time solution is an inexpensive time tracking only solution that may be right for you if you don't have the need for approvals, project tracking, and other complex features.  It is a web based solution that enables time sheets to be entered online and then imported into QuickBooks.  If you have remote workers that only need to be able to enter time information, this may be the right solution for you.
Give us a call and speak with one of our consultants to learn more about which time and billing solution is right for you.