Establishing a customer portal using Method Integration is a great way to give your customers access to customer-specific information and allow them to pay invoices online.  Portals allow customers to view billing account information, allows them to update their own contact information, and allows them to pay invoices online, but portals in Method can also be configured to include other customer specific information such as support tickets, projects, or other information specific to your customer.

Portals Update: The default portals have been updated with a new look and feel and have been enabled for merchant services processing.  The new portals also allow all contacts associated with a particular customer account to log in separately if needed.  Now different contacts at the same company can be given their own login credentials to access the portal.

Mobile Access: To increase the functionality of these portals Method has gone mobile.  Now your customers can access their portal via their mobile phone.  Method has recently released some updates to mobile access making it more user friendly for all finger types...thin and wide.  The updates include making the rows selectable and larger drop down icons and larger buttons which make it easier to click on.  Method has also made updates to the mobile screens allowing emailing of estimates and invoices to customers.  This email would contain a link to the online versions of these transactions where customers could enter payment information.

Merchant Services: With merchant services, Method users are now able to take the billing process one step further by allowing their customers to pay online.   This new feature allows businesses to use their portal to invoice their customers and accept their payment online.

For more information on how Method Integration portals can help your business call us today.