This week we're highlighting a service that Wyn Solutions provides to accounting firms.  We've always offered QuickBooks training to companies as we set up the accounting system, but more recently, we've started training accountants to work with their QuickBooks clients more effectively.  Because accountants are required to stay current on tax laws, accounting and reporting standards, etc., it is often difficult to keep current on all the nuances QuickBooks brings also.  Our accountant training seminars are designed to prepare accounting firm employees to work efficiently with QuickBooks data files to produce tax returns, financial statements, and provide other auditing and accounting services based on QuickBooks data. QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting systems by small and medium sized businesses and is an integral part of many services the accountant provides to clients.  Seminars can be customized to specific needs but some sample topics from past seminars are: Advanced Topics:
  • Best practices for dealing with QuickBooks data files.  Backup copy, portable copy, or accountant copy considerations.
  • Cash or Tax Basis Adjustments and Tying Prior Year Retained Earnings
  • Accrual vs Cash basis Reporting
  • Sales Tax Adjustments and Issues
  • Payroll Adjustments and Issues
  • Inventory Adjustments and Issues
  • Modifying Forms and Using Custom Fields
  • Intuit Statement Writer
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • ODBC Reporting
  • Integrated Solutions such as Point of Sale, Advanced Inventory, CRM, Webstore, Time and Billing, Project Management, Custom Applications, etc.
  • Setting up a QuickBooks Company File Right the First Time
  • Supporting Clients Remotely
  • Importing and Exporting Customer, Vendor, Employee, or Item Information
  • Create Sub-Ledgers for Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Many more...
Basic Topics:
  • The QuickBooks Product Line
  • New Features of the 2011 Products
  • The Interface, Menus, Icon Bar, Windows, Home Page, Lists, Forms, and Centers
  • Preferences and Multi-User vs Single User Option
  • Transaction Flows in QuickBooks.  ex. Estimate to Sales Order to Invoice to Receive Payment to Deposit
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Journal Entries and Adjustments
  • Memorized Transactions
  • Basic Reporting
  • QuickBooks Limitations
  • Many more...
Please contact us for more information on how these seminars may benefit your accounting firm.