Many companies struggle to use the QuickBooks closing date to close out their books each month because in the past, this closing date applied to all transactions, including non-posting transactions such as estimates, sales orders, and purchase orders.  Depending on the company's sales cycle, these types of transactions can stay open for a long time before the sale is closed so it is unrealistic for the company to be able to lock these transaction types as each month's financial statements are produced or even after a tax return is produced.  The latest versions of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, as well as QuickBooks Enterprise, now includes a NEW preference that lets the QuickBooks Admin decide whether to exclude these types of transactions from the closing date.  This has been a much requested feature in the past and I know many companies that are using this feature within the new version.  For more information about this new feature or to see if an upgrade is appropriate for your company, give us a call.