There have been some exciting additions to Method Integration over the last few months. The first is that Method now offers the same feature set and customization to QuickBooks online users. The second is that Method has also revamped their entire CRM features and now it is easier to use controls, has quicker searching and more information at your fingertips. They have also released Method Scheduling & Invoicing for QuickBooks online which now allows the user to create and schedule work orders on a calendar, then convert work orders into invoices. This feature works for one time orders as well as recurring work orders. With this great feature your employees can maintain the project time and completion while out in the field. Then once the work is finished the completed work orders are printed out as invoices through QuickBooks. Some of the other main features of Method Scheduling & Invoicing include:
  • CRM- No need to put in all of the client information as the work order will pull directly from your CRM.
  • Work Orders Assigned- This feature allows you to assign work to your employees through email, printing or login which allows for online access.
  • Job Costing- This allows you to pull reports that show actual hours vs. estimated.
  • Invoicing- Work order to invoices in a single click.
  • Work Completed- This allows you to keep track of start and end times, the materials used, and any other services that may have been sold with a work order. This feature also allows your employees to start their clock the moment they arrive and stop the clock when they finish with the press of a button.
  • Mapping- This allows you to get driving directions using Google maps.
  • Mobile- Go paperless and allow your employees to access their work through a mobile device.
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