With all of the new features of QuickBooks 2012 we wanted to highlight three that have been much requested features in the past, and will help many to organize their accounting and sales processes.   Lead Center This new feature is perfect for those who don't need a full CRM package, but still need help keeping track of potential customers.  It allows you to manage leads and potential customers, as well as record notes of conversations, deadlines, etc. within the QuickBooks interface.  It isn't designed to provide full-fledged CRM features, but may suffice for smaller companies, or those with simplistic sales cycles. How to use the Lead Center: Create leads from within the Leads Center located on the Customer Menu, and then keep track of phone calls, conversations, and other notes as needed.  Create multiple contacts to keep a record of the people you're working with at the company.  Once a lead becomes a customer, convert the lead to a customer with one click.  Note that Lead records and Customer Records are separate, and don't share any notes, so once the lead is converted to a customer the notes added prior to the lead becoming a customer will not transfer over to the customer record.  These notes can still be found from within the Lead Center for future reference.  All contacts that were created will be transferred over to the customer record though, allowing you to continue to track interactions with multiple contacts at the company after the lead is converted to a customer. Global To-Dos To-Dos are not a new feature of QuickBooks, but the feature has been drastically streamlined and expanded to allow you to more effectively manage accounting and other tasks.  The to-dos have been updated with four new fields to categorize and relate to-do information to QuickBooks lists and transactions.  The Status field allows you to label an item as active, done or inactive.  Users can also filter by status when viewing the to-do listing.  The Priority field allows you to label an item as high, medium or low priority.  As with status, you can also filter by priority in the to-do listing.  The Type field allows you to label a to-do as a task, meeting, call, e-mail or appointment.  The With field allows you to associate a to do item with a vendor, lead or customer. Calendar View This new and improved feature is now available in Pro, Premier and Enterprise and gives you a summary of transactions and to-do items that occur in the past or future in a calendar view.  Items that appear on the calendar view include to-do's, invoices, upcoming and past due bills, checks, deposits, and many other transaction types.  When a particular day on the calendar is highlighted, transactions and to-do's occurring on that day are displayed below the calendar while past due items as of that date are displayed on the right side of the calendar.  These panes can be customized to show particular types of transactions too if you're looking for something more specific.