If you are a QuickBooks user you know how it can help your business, but did you know that many QuickBooks add on's can take your business further and automate processes that may currently be a drain on your company's productivity?  There are literally hundreds of add-ons available in many different categories and can be found on the QuickBooks marketplace.  There are add on's for use in the real estate, construction, healthcare, retail, and many other industries and there are products to help with accounts receivable, customer relationship management, advanced inventory management, ecommerce, project management, and many other areas.  Add on's such as Method Integration can help a company keep track of potential customers, current customers and jobs in progress.  Another add on like Fishbowl Inventory can help a distribution company keep track of inventory in multiple locations.
We recently saw first hand how a add on can help a business as one of our clients, who runs a retail boutique, utilized a QuickBooks add on and saw their sales increase significantly. This client implemented a web store and established a website that lists their products for sale. The system is completely automated since the items listed pull from their QuickBooks file.  When they add, discontinue or sell out of  a product,  it automatically updates on the website based on inventory information in QuickBooks.  This client was able to expand their customer base past their local community by using a QuickBooks add on effectively. With all of the available add on's, there will be something out there that will help make your business more efficient, so take a look at the QuickBooks marketplace or chat with us to see if there is a product that may make your company more efficient.  The QuickBooks marketplace allows you to search the various add on's by industry or business need.  It also offers customer reviews and ratings to help you decide if a specific add on is right for your business.  Call us today to find out what add on's are available in your industry and how they can help your business run more smoothly.