One of the biggest new features of QuickBooks 2012 is the Inventory Center.  Many of us have been waiting a long time for a feature like this.  What has us so excited is that this inventory center provides a central location for inventory needs which in the past have been scattered across multiple screens. It doesn't replace the item list, but provides another place to view inventory information and related transactions.  It looks very similar to the newer vendor center and customer center allowing for easier use and the ability to see information in one place. The new inventory center has a feature which allows you to add notes on each product or service item that you provide and in QuickBooks Enterprise edition it also now allows you to add an image to an item.  However, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.  The first is that the image can only be seen in the item screen and cannot be added to purchase orders, invoices or other transactions or reports. The second is that because the images are not saved in your QuickBooks file you will need to move the files when performing a backup so that you are able to retain your image links.  While there are a few areas that still need improvement, the inventory center is a welcomed addition to QuickBooks and we hope you'll upgrade to the latest version if you're using a 2010 or prior version to take advantage of this feature and many others.