Like most databases, QuickBooks data files need periodic maintenance performed to avoid corruption of the data, and to ensure optimal processing of transactions and reports.  On newer engagements, we often find QuickBooks datafiles in dire need of maintenance and on the brink of irreversable corruption in the file.  Some of the tell-tale signs of data corruption are:
  • Assets do not equal liabilities on the Balance Sheet report
  • Accounts receivable or Accounts payable detail report totals do not match the amount shown on the Balance Sheet
  • Inventory detail reports do not match the amount shown on the balance sheet
  • Undeposited funds shows a balance, but the undeposited transactions do not show up when entering the Make Deposit window
  • Your TLG file is larger than your data file
  • Data file fragments are larger than 100 (push F2 while in QuickBooks and look for Data File Fragments)
  • Reports take a long, long time to load.
  • Your data file takes a long time to load.
If you are dealing with any of the above items, or suspect that your data file may be corrupt, please contact us so we can take a look, but to prevent corruption in the file, have periodic data file maintenance tasks performed to  ensure the optimal processing of transactions and reports.