We have set up many customers on Google Apps and also use it in our company for email, calendaring, document collaboration, and much more.  Its a robust collaboration tool that can be used in small and large companies alike.  With many businesses utilizing Google Apps for email, calendaring, document collaboration, and much more, Method has made it a priority to integrate Google Apps with Method CRM, (and QuickBooks)...  Recently Method released a Google Apps Gmail gadget that allows access to Method contacts, activities, opportunities, and more from within the Google Apps Gmail interface.  The end result is that information can now flow from your email directly into Method CRM automatically, and without lengthy copy and paste actions.

How it Works: With this gadget, Method CRM now works within the Google Apps Gmail interface by recognizing the contact within an email and displaying the person's contact information from Method.  Existing Method activities, opportunities, projects, and much more are also displayed for quick reference too, and contact information, or new activities, opportunities, projects, etc. can be added quickly and easily on the fly.  Here are a few things you can do with the gadget installed:
  • From an email, create a new customer, lead, or vendor record.
  • Create a new contact associated with an existing customer or lead record.
  • Access and update contact information for existing customers, leads, or vendors.
  • View customer, lead, or vendor activities, opportunities, projects, transactions, documents
  • Add follow-ups and reminders.
  • Generate a link to an online customer portal.
If you're interested in how Google Apps and Method CRM can revolutionize your company, give us a call.  We are authorized Google Apps and Method CRM consultants and resellers, so we can help with the setup, customization, and integration of both products.