Method now syncs nicely with a Google Apps Calendar so your Method appointments can now be viewed, added and modified from anywhere you currently use your Google Calendar, such as your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.  To get started, sign into Method using the Google Apps sign in, and a new calendar will be added to your Google account.  The calendar will stay in sync with your Method activities whether you add entries on Google or within Method.  Next, setup default activity statuses for cancelled, pending, and completed activities, and set a default appointment type by clicking on your user name in the top-right corner, and going to My Profile > Google Calendar. By default activities that are less than 1 week old, less than 6 months in the future, not in a "cancelled" status, and that have an activity type that is set to display on the Method activity calendar will automatically be synced to the Google calendar.  The sync will automatically happen every 20 minutes, or when you click "Sync Now" on "My Profile" from within Method.  New appointments created from the Gmail gadget will also immediately sync to Method and the Google calendar. Keep in mind that its better to create, move, and modify calendar entries on this calendar from within Method, rather than directly on the Google calendar since appointments in Method have more fields such as the customer, contact and activity status fields.   We're an authorized Google Apps reseller too, so let us know if you're interested in getting set up on Google Apps, or just need help with setting up the calendar sync.